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The decision to buy a home can be one of the most valuable and important investments one can make. Therefore it is important that you are familiar with the mortgage process so that you can wisely finance your home. Essentially, a mortgage is just a loan that is used to finance the purchase of property. The property itself is used as security to ensure repayment until you have repaid the entire amount plus interest. 

There are many types of mortgages on the market and finding the right one can be an overwhelming project. The best approach is to divide the process into manageable tasks. Sit down with a mortgage professional and examine the advantages and disadvantages of all available options to determine which product is best suited to your current situation and future plans. 

How to Find the Right Mortgage 

  1. Estimate how long you expect to live in the house. If the answer is less than three to five years, consider an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), which typically starts out with a lower rate. If you plan to live in your new home longer than five years, a fixed-rate mortgage offers protection against rising interest rates.
  2. Shop around for mortgage rates. Banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies all offer mortgages. Compare at least six lenders in your area.
  3. Add up all the costs for each lender. Include fees, points, closing costs, etc., to arrive at the total mortgage cost for each lender.

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